Production activities of the State Enterprise «Belarustorg» includes the work of the following divisions:

The basic characteristics of production is quality, experience, efficiency and reliability of performance of works.
Department for the production of mineral and drinking water «BOROVAYA» is producing from a well depth of 230 m, located in the vicinity of the Berezinskii Biosphere Reserve in the territory of the sanatorium Borovoye Office of the President of the Republic of Belarus. This allows us to effectively protect an environmentally friendly natural source of man-made pollution and not to water in the production process of deep cleaning.
Water «BOROVAYA» is a leading medical factor sanatorium Borovoye, which for nearly three decades, gives health, not only Belarusians, but also representatives of the CIS, Eastern and Western Europe
Branch «Telehany» is located in the town Telehany, Ivatsevichi district, Brest region. Enterprise provided to permanent land with total area of 13.9 hectares for the maintenance industrial base.
«Telehany» is the only enterprise in the Republic of Belarus, producing skis.
Currently, the company is a timber complex with a deep wood processing has great potential and capacity to produce timber products on demand.
The main products of the branch «Telehany»:
* Skiing wooden sandwich, made of laminated birch wood;
* Skiing wood-made of wood deciduous (aspen) and polymeric, plastic materials on strength characteristics are not inferior to foreign analogs;
* Parquet softwood, hardwood and birch;
* Furniture from laminated board a massive light-colored and pre-dyeing, which include different sizes of wood beds in width, sets of dining table and stool.
* Items of consumer goods (clothes hangers, rolling pin pastry, cutting boards) are made on the basis of waste wood products.
The company can process (master) to 16 thousand m3 of timber per year.
Assembly depatment of personal computers for over ten years work on the assembly and sale of personal computers. Over the years, produced more than five thousands of computers of different configurations. For the production of computers have all the necessary documents: certificate of conformity, hygienic certificate, a license for production authorization. Computer assembly is conducted under the trademark «UNION», registered and approved by the UE Belpatentservis of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce.
The main customers of product assembly line of personal computers are the Presidential Administration, the Office of Presidential Affairs, House of Representatives of the National Assembly, the Security Council, National Center for legislative activities, the Institute of Social and Political Studies, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus, as well as the republican enterprises, factories, kindergartens, universities, and many others.