Information About Branch «Telehany»

Forest Republican Unitary Enterprise «Telehany» was established in 1998, located in s. Telehany in the northern part of Brest region, on the territory of Ivatsevichy and Lyakhovichi districts (250 km from Minsk, and 170 km from Brest). The total number of employees is 298 people. The main activities of the enterprise are: forestry, logging, wood-processing, hunting and fishing, tourist activities and others.
The enterprise includes forest hunting farm «Vygonovskoe», located 16 km from the head enterprise. The length of the territory of the farm from the North to South – 16 km, from the West to East – 24 km.
The forest hunting farm is a unique place for hunting and fishing, as well as for development of tourist activities. The area of hunting grounds of the farm is 93,2 thousand hectares, including forest – 56,6 thousand hectares, field – 14,5 thousand hectares, water-swamp – 22,1 thousand hectares. The territory of the farm is basically a swampy plain with the Vygonoshchanskoye (area 2,610 hectares) and the Bobrovichskoe (area 924 hectares) lakes.
Due to diversity of the relief in the forest hunting farm, its flora and fauna is very diverse. The territory is inhabited by 36 species of animals, 128 species of birds, 18 of which are listed in the Red Book of Belarus, the fish fauna and amphibians fauna is diverse.
There are about 304 elks, 530 boars, 222 deer, 700 roe deer on the territory of the farm. In addition, there are about 250 individuals of beaver, numerous otter, mink, muskrat. Predators are presented by wolf and lynx (although they are rare), fox (about 120). The upland fowl are presented by grouse (104), black grouse (362). The wetlands in the farm are ideal habitat for wildlife of water-swamp fowls (mallards, pochards, snipe, etc.).
The annual hunting limit of the main types of hunting animals is: elk – 10 animals, deer – 14 animals, roe deer – 70 animals, wild boar-130 animals.
We offer possibility of commercial hunting for various fowl species, as well as sport fishing. Recreational fishing is carried out on fish-rod or spinning the Vygonoshchanskoe lake and the Bobrovichskoe lake.
The forest hunting farm «Vygonovskoe» is an attractive place for a wide range of nature lovers and bird watchers.
At the Vygonoshchanskoye lake there is a guest house for 14 people with a fireplace and a sauna, as well as rowing and motor boats.
In order to develop tourism on the Vygonoshchanskoe lake we have a harbour for small vessels, there is a rest area with a sandy beach. Now, the farm purchased a pleasure boat with 50 passenger seats (30 seats in the cabin, 20 – on the upper deck) and delivered it to the lake.
The production capacity of the enterprise allows to process more than 15 000 cubic meters of round timber. The enterprise has three logging crews, equipped with fuelsaws, skidders of Minsk Tractor Plant, as well as machimes for delivery of the wood. The enterprise carries out storing of timber harvesting mainly in the state forestry agency «Telehany Leshoz» (“Telehany Forestry”), located in s. Telehany. To supply the woodprocessing, purchase of raw timber in this agency is also possible.
In 2007 – 2008 the enterprise upgraded the boiler and the drying equipment and the wood production.
The current boiler is equipped with a new 3.0 MW boiler operating in the automatic mode on the wood chips from waste wood and logging. The boiler heats the production and administration buildings of the enterprise, the dryers for wood drying and the nearest living houses in s. Telehany.
Enterprise own a sawing conveyor, consisting of sawmills, multisaw, and guillotine machines designed for cutting of more than 1000 cubic meters of raw wood per month, drying boxes (made in the Federal Republic of Germany) for drying of wood with a single load of timber of about 120 cubic meters.
The enterprise possesses special ski equipment for production of wooden and wood-plastic skis, which can produce over 200 thousand pairs of skis a year.
The enterprise purchased and operates Italian woodworking machinery, which includes a multiple sawing machine, a four-side six-spindle machine, three guillotine machines, a line for wood matching (Germany), a press for hot gluing of wood and producing of furniture board, a three-roll grinder-calibrating machine, a wood-processing centre, designed for sawing, milling and drilling, as well as two filler machines.
Nowadays, the enterprise is focused on production of ready to use on more than Br800,0 million per month. The range of goods includes: furniture boards, furniture from wood array (beds for adults and children, sets of furniture for children’s rooms, lockers, cupboards, bedside tables, garden – park furniture, lounge chairs, tables, stools and other furniture goods), molded goods (flooring boards, paneling, casing, baseboards), hardwood and softwood parquet, wooden and wood-plastic skis, sledge, goods from waste wood (hangers, cutting boards).


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