Artestan water

Water «BOROVAYA» is extracted from the deep well of 230 m, located in the vicinity of the Berezinskii Biosphere Reserve in the territory of the sanatorium Borovoye Office of the President of the Republic of Belarus. This allows us to effectively protect an environmentally friendly natural source of man-made pollution and not to water in the production process of deep cleaning. Water «BOROVAYA» – an active living force, which has created nature itself.

Many years of experience in the application of water «BOROVAYA» in medical practice, nursing home showed its high efficiency.

Chemical composition of water

Anion, mg/litre
Cation, mg/litre
Chlorines CL- < 30 Calcium Ca2+ 5-60
Sulphates SO42- < 20 Magnesium Mg2+ < 15
Phosphates PO43- < 1 Sodium Na+ < 10
Hydrocarbonates HCO3 < 300 Potassium K+ < 5
Fluorine F- < 1
Water mineralization: < 442 mg/litre
Water hardness: < 5 mmol/litre



Artesian water «BOROVAYA» carbonated and non-carbonated
Size 1 bottle 0,33 L 0,5 L 1,0 L 1,5 L
quantity of bottles
in a package
20 pcs 12 pcs 6 pcs
tara glass bottle corrugated cardboard
type of packaging corrugated cardboard polyethylene film
keeping time 360 days


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