Water «Borovaya»

State enterprise “Belarustorg” has been focusing on manufacturing of the production and bottling of spring and artesian water “BOROVAYA”, that is taken from one of the cleanest places in the Republic of Belarus near the urban settlement Begoml in the area of the unique Biosphere Reserve Berezinsky, that is located far from the big cities, factories and plants. Spring water “BOROVAYA” is taken from the slit with 230 meters depth.

Due to this fact, the water is not exposed to fine purification and non-natural mineralization, it is not diluted from the brine, but as a result it is an active vital medium created by nature, and not an elementary salt solution that has no advantages to human health.

Natural, technologically unmodified spring water is used as a table and medical drink. The water well normalizes metabolism and is an effective method for the people having diabetes. Spring and artesian water “BOROVAYA” is specially recommended for the period of diets and weight loss.






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